big b/little b (my story)

LittleBHeadshot1This is my first time ever typing or telling my story so forgive me if I ramble on and my people talk is not good…

Okay, so here is my story, as I was told it. I am one of 7 pups found by a river in Carson City, Nevada…I do not remember any of this and I do not remember the other puppies I was with. All I know is that I must have been the coolest one in the bunch because my person tells me this all the time and he is never wrong…at least he says he’s never wrong…

I was held in a cage with a bunch of other dogs that had been rescued for one reason or another. I found that I was the coolest puppy there, but I tried not to brag and make the others feel bad. The people who were taking care of me are known as Dog Town Canine Rescue. Dog Town took good care of me. They fed me, made sure I had play time and that I received attention. However, and my person thinks this is funny, they thought I was a girl and named me cookie. REALLY, ME a girl? I’m all male…well I was, my person tricked me one day…well I’ll get into that a bit later.

One day, as the story that I was told goes, Dog Town set up camp with me and quite a few other dogs at Petsmart for what they called a pet adoption day. I saw a lot of people come in that day, petting me and the other dogs, talking baby talk to me, looking at all the dogs. I wasn’t impressed. Not being mean, but you people smell funny and walk funny…anyway, then these two people came in…

Candy & Nala

Candy & Nala

I was told that these two people came in to look for a dog for the woman named Candy (silly name by the way). I guess candy was looking for a female dog, and maybe one that was 1 or 2 years old. After looking at a few dogs, these two people came to my cage, and well how can you blame them for wanting to spend a little bit of time with me…I mean, look at me!!!

They took me outside and played, pet, talked silly and wouldn’t leave me alone. Then the man said, something like ‘umm, you know this is a boy dog right’? the lady person said, “WHAT. I want a girl dog and this one is named cookie and the paper on the cage said it a girl!” Then the man held me up to show the lady person something between my legs…I’m telling you, people are odd! Anyway. She decided she wanted to look at more dogs. But the man all the sudden said he wanted me.

First Day

The first day I met my new person, I was 4 months old

I then heard Candy say how happy she was because she liked me too and that they couldn’t leave me there. So next thing I knew, I was in this machine doing something like what they called driving down the road. I now have people!!! I spend most of my time with the man person but I think i own them both! So I call the man person my person and the nice one is Candy! I have a home!

As big and strong as I was, I will be honest and tell you I was scared. For the first few weeks I was not sure what was going on. New place to stay, new food, new different smells, everything new. These people tried hard to make me feel comfortable but it took me a while to get them just how I wanted them. To think I went from starving and living next to a river where someone dropped me and my siblings off, to a nice warm place to live with good food makes me wag my tail a lot!

Then there was this thing they always talked about. Something about “what do we name him, we can’t just keep calling him crazy eyes”…?! What the!!! You should have heard some of the things they would come up with…WOW…


Fist time I met Big B. We had fun

Soooooo, the name they call me.

I went  awhile just being called ‘spazz’ and ‘crazy eyes’. Then two new persons showed up one day. They walk into where we were and all these persons smile and hug and act really silly but seemed happy. One was TALL, like a monster and the other smiles and nice. I was introduced to them and BAM…I was in love. Two of the nicest persons ever. Me and the monster seemed to get a long GREAT. we played and I let him pet me and rub my tummy. Next thing I know everyone is calling me little b and him big b. My name was Bryan, not sure how or when but it was Bryan and I must say i loved it!





The tall person and the pretty smiley lady

I sure miss the monster and the pretty smiley lady. Hope to see them again real soon. They make me and my persons smile and wag our tails.

After i was with my person for a little over a month, he played a mean trick on my. I still do not know what happened or why they laugh at me telling stories about little nuts, but all I know is I was poked with needles, I woke feeling silly (my person told me I was high and all drugged up?!?) and the funky thing I pee out of was really ouch. Something about getting fixed. All I know, I was told I get to go for a car ride and see other doggies. Next thing I know, I wake feeling goofy!




My report card for my cleaning at petsmart

So now it’s been almost 4 months with my new persons and my new home. I have learned about this thing called snow and i really love running and playing in snow. I’ve had this weird thing called baths, my person has given me a couple and i went back to petsmart for a ‘cleaning’ and that SCARED me. It’s been a lot of work getting my persons how I want them and it will be a lot more work, but so far it’s been worth it and I can’t wait to see what’s next. I get to go on hikes and play with other doggies a lot. Oh, on another page here you’ll learn all about my two best girls, Emma and Nala. Nala is my girl friend and she’s hot blonde lab!

I hope i will be able to take my persons laptop again and update you on more of what happens in my life. So far it’s been a ton of fun…

Bryan Miller!







  3. if danny lets me have the computer tonight, he’s in the john now so i’m sneaking it, then i’ll be able to update this page and tell our story!

  4. I remember when he was simply “puppy Brian”.

  5. I LOVE YOU LITTLE b!!!!!

  6. hahaha. miss you two…big doggy hug

  7. Teach that pupper right!!! Notice my Raiders shirt!!! Don’t let that little doggie be a band wagoneer! REAL FANS STAY WITH THEIR TEAM!!!!!

  8. How’d I miss this??!? LOVE it, and hay little b, you’ve got your owner dude beat already in the literary department…..not to mention the hygiene dept and a ton of other departments. Thoroughly enjoyed your story, and I think you’re one lucky pup to have ended up where you did. Can’t wait to meet ya and mark some territories together n stuff! Woof Woof!!

  9. my person has told me a lot about you too Mikey…can’t wait to go pee on stuff with you…get yer tail up here dang it!

  10. I can’t wait to do more on here. I’ll be updating it soon!

  11. oh and you can see, i have my own account now so I won’t have to use my persons account…he gets all bit**y when i use his!

  12. You are one amazing doggy lil B! Sooo glad you chose Danny as your owner cause we both dig you big time 🙂

  13. Lol too late! If Nala keeps telling him how handsome he is, we’re gonna be in big trouble. That’s why I never tell him that…wellllll…….almost never…ish.

  14. hahaha, you always do…lol…I caught him checking himself out in the mirror I think! lol

  15. Like Danny, like Bryan 🙂


  17. Read it again. STILL love this story.

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