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bark bark ruff breathe breath ruff bark whine bark


  1. So my people took me for another ‘RIDE’ today. Get to the same place they did something with my ‘nuts’ as they kept saying so I knew something was up. This time though, wasn’t so bad. They put me on this big square thingy, and my person said “WOW, 51 pounds, really”…so not sure what that means but apparently i’m 51 pounds now…hummm…then I go into this room, oh and the entire time, i was with my other person and Nala so it was nice to be with them. Anyway, then in this room we waited for quite some time and then these other persons came in and stuck this thing in my nose and shot liquid up there. Wasn’t bad, just felt funky!

    I heard my person say he’s good now until next year. what ever that means! humpf!

  2. You did great today Bryan! You weren’t even scared like you were at the groomers, so you’re getting there 🙂

  3. hahaha, don’t tell him, but he’s about ready for another bath! lol

  4. Run Bryan! Ruuuuuuuuuun!!!!!

  5. hahaha….He knows I think! lol

  6. Oh I’m sure he’s read this by now!!!

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